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A Little Dachshund Tale

August 27, 2022

My dad passed away peacefully last Friday, August 19, at 11:30 AM. In the preceding days, my brother and his family flew in, then my sister. Our daughters were here as well, and everyone got to spend some time at his bedside, talking and singing to him. He didn't open his eyes or speak all week, and he had stopped swallowing. We believe he knew we were there, as he showed some subtle signs. He was especially responsive during the music therapy session in which we all participated with instruments and singing. We wanted him to "go out singing" even if he couldn't use his voice. Music was such a big part of his life and his Alzheimer's journey.

For this week's spoonful, I share something my dad wrote sometime between 2015 - 2018. I found this loose piece of notebook paper on which he had written a funny little poem about a dachshund, followed by his reflection on it:

"There was a little dachshund once So long it had no notion How long it took to notify his tail of his emotion; So when his eyes were filled with present woe and sadness, His little tail kept waggin' on because of previous gladness."

"A simple and profound expression that has reminded me of how blessed my life has been, and still is here at Brookdale. Indeed, my main occasions of sadness are when others around me feel woe and sadness. Therefore, I remind myself frequently to show kindness and acceptance to any who seem to be filled with sorrow. In this way I want to grow deeper and wider in my own efforts to spread gladness which is already so real here at Brookdale. (To keep my "tail waggin'") no matter what! Hey! Let's do it together!" --Tom Tucker This reflection demonstrates his attitude toward life and his desire to bring comfort and joy to others. He was intentional about showing kindness and mercy to those around him, as well as good humor. He was full of generosity and grace. There has been much to do in the days since his passing, and it feels heavy at times. I came across these words of his today and felt his presence. He left so much love and laughter behind - our tails will keep waggin' on because of previous gladness. Thank you for the prayers, blessings, and encouragement you have so generously given me over the past week and month. It has made my way lighter and brighter. If you would like to see the obituary, I have included the link below. Grace & Gratitude, ej Elisa J. Juarez Obituary:

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