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Changing Seasons

August 23, 2021

This morning I took my coffee onto the balcony and listened to the chorus of birds and crickets. There was a hint of cool in the air which is rare for August. It felt good to just sit and breathe in the morning. School started this week, and autumn is coming into view on the horizon. I can sense the change of seasons like the faint smell of rain and cool air that precede a shower. “It’s coming,” we say as we look to the sky in anticipation. I feel it in my bones, my weary bones. Now a late afternoon thunderstorm is rolling in with dark clouds, soft rumbles, and a sudden crack of thunder. The natural world demonstrates the cycle of life through the seasons, and I am reminded to accept it in my life as well. There is wholeness in the flow of birth and death, release and renewal, sunrise and sunset. All is connected and continually changing. Every season carries uncertainty and intensity. As I look ahead to the next one, I see light on the horizon. Though the sky is still dark, the dawn of a new day is inevitable. I don’t know the how or when, but there will be rebirth, healing, joy, and celebration. I have new ideas for writing and creative projects. “It’s coming,” I say as I look to the sky. When we learn to let go of the past and our anxiety about the future, we find our feet on the holy ground of here and now. Holy because the present moment is where we experience Presence and Wholeness. Lately, staying present has felt like walking a balance beam. Regrets, emotions, and distractions all threaten my focus and footing. I often fall and have to pull myself back up. Again. Try again. Focus. One foot in front of the other, firmly planted. The practice builds strength and agility, so I keep at it. I put my attention where my feet are and where I’m going. In yoga, we are told to focus on something out ahead of us in order to maintain balance. I can’t be looking down or around the room while standing on one leg, and if I try to check the clock I will surely fall. I'm learning that I can be grounded in the present while looking ahead to the horizon. I remind myself that I am right where I need to be for now, and this season is preparing me for the next one. Vision and intention pull me forward and fuel my tank. I try to remember these four words of wisdom: “This, too, shall pass.” The passage from one season into another is lined with mixed feelings. There can be both grief and relief, anticipation and anxiety, clarity and confusion. Any time we let go of something, we experience a loss. The empty space may feel awkward at first, but it is a cradle for new life, energy, and hope. The inner wisdom and strength that grew out of past seasons show up readily. I repeat another affirmation as I pull my spiritual boots on: “I am equipped, empowered, and anointed.” I remember saying that to my mother in her last weeks. As painful as it was to watch her struggle, I spoke those words for both of us. She knew she was held and carried by the Spirit of God and the love of her family. Her courage inspired us all. A new season is on the horizon. This year is proving to be a difficult one for many of us, and we look ahead for brighter days. We long for cool breezes, family dinners, and celebrations. Our thoughts, dreams, and choices will continue to shape our lives. There is beauty and balance in the present moment, so stand tall and keep walking, day by day. Rain will come, autumn as well. Dreams will come, time will tell. Relax, rejoice, and embrace it all. Cheers, ej Elisa J. Juarez

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