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October 16, 2023

After enduring a brutal summer, we are being revived by the arrival of autumn. October has been spectacular, and all my plants are coming back to life. This is the season of radiance and release, inside and out. I’ve been clearing more space in my garage as I go through tubs and decide what to keep and what to let go. Some things have history and significance, while others have served us for a season (or two or ten) and lost their value. So, we sort, hold, remember, smile, and decide where it goes (or stays) next.

We get to choose what we hold and store or carry. We need to be mindful of these pieces of our lives and how they impact who we are. My sister and I recently spent a weekend going through boxes of family keepsakes that have been stored for decades by our parents, and then by me. It was an amazing experience, finding letters, journals, books, and photos dating back to our great-grandparents on both sides. It was almost like walking through the closet into Narnia, crossing a portal into the previous century. There was an element of mystery and intrigue as we met our ancestors through faded photographs and handwritten accounts of their daily lives.

It felt so precious and significant to us, we wanted to hold it all. The extent of the collection was more than we could process, and we decided to divide it up so we can review and digitize the material. It is a task that will take time, patience, and care. In that small clip of time we shared, we connected to a deep sense of our family legacy, marked by faith, devotion, and love, passed down from one generation to the next. It is in our DNA and has impacted our sense of presence and purpose in the world.

Holding the images and words of our ancestors is like weaving a golden thread from our past into our present, connecting to a larger whole. Seeing childhood photos of my parents, then following their love story all the way to the end, I was filled with gratitude. In the homestretch of their lives, I got to hold their hands and hearts until it was time to release them into the Everlasting Arms. Those experiences are etched into my memory for all time, carved into my soul. I believe when we hold someone through a painful or difficult passage, we are held by the Arms of Love which never let us go.

Holding is a daily comfort for me. I hold space in the morning for prayer and meditation. I hold a cup of coffee and savor its aroma and warmth. I hold Art’s hand in the evening as we let go of the day together. I hold a vision of health and wholeness for myself and my family. I hold hopes and dreams and anything that brings me joy, peace, comfort, and healing. I can only do this if I release things like anxiety, frustration, negativity, and pain. Release brings radiance and room for more love.

Look at your holdings and loosen your grip, since clutching can create unneeded tension and anxiety. Most of all, hold your awareness in the present moment where peace and joy are available to you. Breathe deeply and let go of anything that is blocking your greater good. Do this daily, and hold space for new possibilities to unfold in and through you.

Grace & Gratitude,


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