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Letting Go

March 13, 2022

If I had to name two life lessons that have been the hardest for me to learn, they would be patience and letting go. Opportunities to practice show up on a regular basis, even daily in small ways. The more I develop my awareness, the closer I move to mastery; however, I am still far from that level. I’ve noticed that God assists me in letting go when loosen my grasp. This is, for me, another example of grace. It just takes a small step on my part to activate it.

Imagine yourself holding tightly to something you cherish. It can be a person, a lifestyle, a belief or idea, a dream, anything. You may or may not think you need to let go of it, or even loosen your hold. Perhaps you are afraid of losing it. You may not be aware of how the clenching creates tension in your body, mind, and spirit. You’ve gotten used to it. What if you could just loosen your grasp a little? It would relieve some tension and create a sliver of space. That sliver is all God needs to reach in and open your hand. Once the hand is open, God takes it and holds it. Whatever you were holding is now in God’s Hands. You can relax, receive, and rejoice.

God means something different to each of us. It is both universal and personal. Our beliefs about God can create openings or they can cause a clenching. Fear is at the root of our clenching, which gives us a sense of control. What if we ask ourselves why we hold so tightly to a belief or idea? Are we afraid to let new ones in? I have noticed that God only needs a loosening of our grasp to open us to more Love, Light, and Grace. The idea of letting go can seem overwhelming at times; it’s too much to ask. We think we can’t really let that go….and yet, we can probably relax our hold a little.

My bedroom blinds are closed when the sun comes up, and yet its rays slip in through the tiny openings and illuminate the room. The more we open our hearts and minds to Love, the greater will be its radiance in our lives. As we learn to let go and let God, we gain much more than we lose. Our fear and anxiety subside. Even in times of significant loss, the healing and wholeness of God abide with us to fill the empty space.

This week, pay attention to your reactions to life’s challenges. Notice what you are holding onto and how you are feeling. What are you afraid to lose? Take time to sit quietly, breathe deeply, and open your hands. Affirm a willingness to let go of anything you are clenching. “One step at a time, release thoughts of doubt, fear, and struggle. Open to thoughts of appreciation, love, and confidence. … From your place of deep connectedness, you celebrate joy, love, well-being, and sacred connections, and dreams come true.” (Rev. Bronte Colbert, Release and Renew 2022).

The grace and goodness of God are beyond our comprehension, always ready to pour into our lives. When we choose to hold Love in our hearts and minds, Love will hold us and all our dreams. It will hold our cares, concerns, joys, and sorrows. It will bring renewal, radiance, and release.

Relax & Rejoice,


Elisa J. Juarez

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