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Pause & Possibility

January 15, 2024

I have always loved January for the pause and possibilities woven into it. Following the busy holiday season, it is a welcome opportunity for reset and reflection. In Texas, it is also the month that brings the coldest weather, which means more inside days. Time to pause, slow down, make soup, and listen to the Voice of Love. Let It soothe and inspire my soul for the year ahead. Savor the comfort and warmth of home.

The Voice of Love is our innate divinity speaking to each of us when we tune in. I also call it God, and in essence It is Love, which is our Source and our substance. Nothing can separate us from It. It is also vibrantly alive in nature. George Washington Carver said, I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.

Love is the highest frequency available to us, and when we tune in to It, we become Its transmitters. I find wisdom, comfort, and assurance when I pause in the Presence of God. I become more aware of the divine order in all things, supporting and sustaining me. I just need to remember to pause and listen. Out of my pause come new possibilities.

Pause is something I’ve had to learn in new ways this past year. My manager pointed out that I needed to pause before responding so quickly to requests and messages. There was often additional information or considerations that needed time to emerge, and which would sometimes solve the issue. To help me practice this, I put a sticky note on my computer that reads “Pause.” I’ve found that pausing creates space for listening and learning, which is followed by a more effective and helpful response. I am applying this throughout my life now, and it takes discipline. When I get the urge to speak or react to something, I stop, take a breath, and hit the pause button. I’m always glad I did.


What possibilities can arise within a pause? On the threshold of 2024, I set an intention to say “Yes” to new things. As soon as I did this, the universe responded with new opportunities. Still, I am reminded to pause. Saying “yes” to one thing means saying “no” to something else. One of my hardest life lessons has been learning that I can’t say “yes” to every opportunity, invitation, and meaningful activity. Finding my “yes” takes discernment. What others may think I should say “yes” to may not be mine to do. I think we can all relate to this! When and why do we say “yes”? Who are we trying to please? If a "yes" is ours to own, it will bring us a sense of joy and fulfillment; that is how we know.

This month, I encourage you to take a pause. Listen to your inner Voice of Love and ask It anything and everything. Then listen. Notice the comfort and peace you feel when you tune in. Divine Love is living in you, through you, as you. Say “Yes” to the possibilities that arise in Its Presence. Say “No” to the critical voice in your head, and to anything that drains your energy. Saying Yes to our divinity means saying Yes to life, love, and learning, Yes to wholeness and joy.

Remember, God is the silent Power behind all things, always ready to pour into our experience that which we need. -Ernest Holmes

Rejoice and say yes to the wonder and joy of a new year and the possibilities it holds for you and for our world.  


January Joy,


Elisa J. Juarez

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