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June 5, 2022

As summer rolls in after some very painful and difficult weeks, I wonder how to savor this season. Summer begs us to pause and play. It invites us to bask in the sun and let go of tension and stress. We need this, along with a frozen lemonade. The world around us looks like impending doom, and playful, carefree summers are a distant memory. How do we celebrate the sunrise when the darkness looms so large? How do we get through this without growing numb?

I’ve decided to try something new this summer to help us all savor it. I started by looking up the actual definition of SAVOR in Merriam-Webster, and here it is:

  1. to give flavor to: SEASON

  2. a. to have experience of: TASTE b. to taste of smell with pleasure: RELISH c. to delight in: ENJOY

Plus, this additional description with the synonyms: to make more pleasant to taste by adding something intensely flavored; enhance, enrich, flavor, season, spice.

To savor is to experience fully, with all our senses. That is not always pleasurable. Our country is going through a season of turmoil, trauma, and tragedy. It feels like we are in a constant state of emergency, which is exhausting. It’s not sustainable. We need to find ways to quench our parched souls, even if it means going deeper to reach cool water. So, this summer I’ll be dishing up smaller, more frequent spoonfuls of soul salsa to soothe, inspire, and keep us from growing numb. I think we all need more oxygen right now. I’m reminded that in a flight emergency we are instructed to secure our own oxygen mask first, and then we can help those around us.

Oxygen comes through the awareness of grace and goodness in our everyday lives. When we awaken to our wholeness and vibrancy, we discover our power. Rest and refreshment are necessary for our sanity and stability. When we give ourselves this care, our hearts and our hands open wider. We become channels for a love that is conscious, compassionate, and transformative. We are essential. We can savor the love that enlivens us and let it flavor all that we do. This makes a difference.

As Anne Lamott says, “…I continue to believe that love is sovereign here, and that the hardest work we do is self-love and forgiveness. I know to serve the poor, to reach for beauty, and to rest. I know salvation will be local, grassroots, and it will be magnified as more people wonder whether maybe they can help.

“Never give up on intimate friendships or science or nature. They have always saved us, and they will again. And love is the mastermind of it all…” (Dusk, Night, Dawn).

Summer has come to soothe and strengthen us in body, mind, and spirit. Find what gives oxygen to your light and love. Savor and share it.

Love & Lemonade,


Elisa J. Juarez

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