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Rain & Radiance

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

September 4, 2022

At the end of a scorching, dry summer, finally there was a pattern change. It came just as my dad was slipping away from his own withered state of being. It seemed symbolic in a way, as rain returned after a long absence, bringing relief and revival to our parched earth and spirits. I experienced a deep sigh from within, a release of weariness and sadness, a sliver of radiance.

One of my dad’s favorite songs and musicals was “Singin’ in the Rain.” In his music therapy sessions, that one got repeated over and over with much enthusiasm. We even pulled out his umbrella a few times and danced. He sang his way through the cold, dreary “rain” of his Alzheimer’s journey, “laughing at clouds so dark up above. The sun’s in my heart and I’m ready for love.” Perhaps it is fitting that the rains came as he was stepping, or dancing, out of the darkness into the light. I imagine him singing, “What a glorious feelin’, I’m happy again.”

September brings a shift in energy every year, a welcome change of seasons. This time a deeper shift has come, a release of long-held grief and a celebration of my dad. Tears, laughter, gratitude, and amazing grace. Sigh.

Whenever we let go of something, our hearts and hands are open to receive or create something new. It can be a time of discernment and discovery. What makes my soul sing? What is calling me to a greater expression of love? How can I respond with my whole being and experience more aliveness? I found this additional verse of the song which I hadn’t heard before:

Why am I smiling And why do I sing? Why does September Seem sunny as spring? Why do I get up Each morning and start? Happy and head up With joy in my heart Why is each new task A trifle to do? Because I am living A life full of you. --Gene Kelly, Singin’ in the Rain

My life pulsates with the joy and love that my dad lived. His legacy carries me and shapes my own with radiance and vitality. I am learning, still, that presence and aliveness are one. With focused attention and awareness, we open ourselves to radiant being. Mental and physical clutter distract and drain us, while simplicity clears the space for presence, power, and radiance.

September invites us to set new intentions and change the patterns that have left our spirits dry. Release that which diverts your attention from the present moment. Clean and organize your mental and physical space. I’ve noticed that as I simplify my life and surrender to Love, I find greater freedom and aliveness. In addition, as I give more time and attention to that which brings me joy, I experience radiance.

Stay Calm & Sing On,


Elisa J. Juarez

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