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Wellness Wisdom

By Elisa Juarez November 2017

As fall and winter approach and we move toward the holidays, our immune systems are often challenged, and we enter “cold and flu season.” First of all, realize that we get that thought planted in our minds at this time every year by the media and the medical community, so it’s no surprise there is an increase in illness! People buy into it and begin to expect it, so it starts in our minds. That is not to negate the reality of colds and flu, we see it all around us! However, there is an indisputable connection between our minds and our bodies, and we can increase our wellness and strengthen our immune systems by changing our thoughts and beliefs FIRST!

Here are some tips for staying WELL these next few months as the weather changes and the holidays approach. We DO need to pay attention to and take good care of our bodies! Wellness involves every part of us and our lives: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and financial. Each area needs care and attention. This blog offers nourishing seasonal recipes, health and wellness tips, inspiration and reflections, so you can feed and support your whole being.

1. Check your thoughts and beliefs about your health. What are you telling yourself each day? Do you tend to think thoughts like, “I’m so tired!” “I don’t have enough energy!” “I’m probably getting sick.” “I always get a bad cold at this time of year.” Whoa! Stop! Try to catch those thoughts and beliefs and replace them with new ones that are positive and uplifting, like these: “I am healthy and strong.” “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better!” “I don’t get sick! I am well!” “I am the picture of health!” Practice affirmations such as these every day, and your body will begin to respond with strengthened immunity and increased energy. Make a habit of practicing these affirmations regardless of how you feel! Say them out loud with emotion for the most benefit!! You might even write some of them on index cards and place them on your mirror, your refrigerator, or your desk so you can be reminded throughout the day!

2. Boost your immune system with plenty of fruits and vegetables! At this time of year it is easy to get lots of superfoods into soups, stews, and sauces! It is also wise to take good quality, whole food supplements and drink plenty of purified water with lemon! Plan your meals and take the time to sit down and enjoy them! It’s so easy to grab something on the go and miss out on the full benefit of a meal. Don’t cheat yourself here; if you have a short time in which to eat, choose a healthy, high-protein option packed with as many nutrients as possible. Love your body by giving it the nourishment and rest it needs each day. Your body is the vehicle you’ve been given to move through this life, and if it breaks down everything else will be affected. Health is wealth, and without it we cannot live a full, active life. Good nutrition is also essential for our mental health, cognitive function, and emotional well-being! There is plenty of information available about health and nutrition, so be open and willing to learn and try new things. An investment in yourself will pay dividends for years to come; YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

3. Carve out time each day to feed and nurture your spirit, especially at the beginning and end of the day. Sit in silence, read, meditate, write in a journal and list the things for which you are grateful each day. This practice will reduce stress, increase awareness, and calm the mind-body in a way that had a direct positive effect on your physical health.

4. Exercise! Find ways to get moving each day. Stretching, walking, climbing stairs, doing yoga, cycling, dancing…whatever you enjoy most and are able to fit into the day that will get your heart pumping and your energy flowing! Exercise is a great stress-buster and strength-builder. You will find that you feel more balanced, confident, and happy as a result!

5. Keep your emotions in check and don’t let negative feelings stay for more than a few minutes. Notice them but move through them and don’t give them any power over you. Repeating negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences magnifies them and creates toxins in the body. What we think about expands, and hurt feelings, resentments, anxiety, and other negative emotions will wreak havoc on our health if we get stuck in them.

6. Keep your finances in check and consider ways to reduce expenses and increase your income. This will alleviate stress and create more options for you. There are many ways to improve your finances, so be open and receptive to information, education, and opportunities! Develop a mindset of generosity, service, and abundance, and you will attract this into your life! Remember that money gives us options and freedom, and we each have the choice to manage our money wisely and create additional streams of income. We have been given talents, ideas, energy, and gifts to use to improve our lives and the lives of others. Money is a tool that allows us to do more, to help others, and to create and attract the life we desire.

These six tips will give you a boost in your overall well-being and help you to move through the holidays and “cold and flu season” with more energy, strength, vitality, and peace. Pay attention to your choices, your feelings, your relationships, your finances, and your mindset. Attitude is everything, so don't underestimate the power of a positive mental attitude! All of these aspects of ourselves and our lives are connected and can be developed with intention and action, so be grateful, be happy, and be well!

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