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Brain Health at Every Age

By Maggie Grayson

I never even thought about brain health until I was blessed to become a momma. Immediately I thought about what could contribute to a healthy growing brain and what things could possibly hinder optimal brain function. I love digging deep into research, compiling information, and only then making a decision. Yes, this can totally prove to be time consuming, which is why I am honored to be able to share what I have learned with each of you (to save you some time)! Toxins, no matter what age, are one of the biggest enemies of brain health! They “gunk up” how the brain receives and send messages (think about trying to communicate with your fingers in your ears), they can cause gene mutations in any cell, and they can throw our hormones totally out of whack too! Ok, Maggie, now what? First, let’s chat about where are the toxins coming from, how can we minimize our exposure and how can we reverse any damage? Toxic exposure comes mostly from INSIDE our home, shocking, I know! Our cleaning products, personal care products, and laundry products can be causing the majority of toxic burden our bodies carry. So, it’s simple..DITCH and SWITCH! Read each and every label. If there is an ingredient you are not sure what it is then turn to google. Google “dangers of_________”, or download the THINK DIRTY app (free) and scan the products in your home. Think Dirty will give you a rating of 0-10 based on how toxic the product is. If the results are not good, ditch it. Eek, I know, the frugal part of you is cringing that I am asking you to throw away things that aren’t empty. But, here’s the thing, YOU are worth an INVESTMENT in your health. You and your family are worth the switch! And even though you’re tossing out some products now, I will show you how to save some extra money too, to help balance things out!

Goodness gracious Maggie, all my things are in the trash!!! It’s ok y’all. Take a deep breath! We are going to intentionally fill your home with products that support wellness. You will be shocked at how simple, easy, and thrifty it is! Here is your shopping list: Grocery or Amazon: common products, easy to find.

Products: White Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, Castile soap, Baking Soda, Distilled water, quality olive oil

Tools: Glass spray bottles and jars, shaker bottle for baking soda, a cleaning caddy, sponges & rags

Young Living Essential Oils: offers the very best oils and lifestyle products.

Thieves Household Cleaner (78 cents per all purpose cleaner refill; add to spray bottle with water)

Foaming Hand Soaps (Lavender or Thieves, $100% pure, luxurious smell powered by pure oils)

Thieves Laundry Detergent (46 cents per load, 100% pure, very effective & concentrated)

Essential Oils (vary in price, put all are pennies per drop! Save more with a membership: see below) Bring it back to basics, ditch the toxins, and support your brain with the use of these incredible plant based, essential oil recipes. BONUS, these products not only help you ditch the toxins, but have been shown to provide incredible brain support at the same time. Increasing the health of your brain while you clean? Yes, please! Just another reason I love letting my kiddos grab a bottle of Thieves Cleaner and help around the house!

Ready to DITCH and SWITCH?! We are on this journey with you and are looking forward to supporting you! Join here and/or forward your questions to Maggie at

See "Household Cleaning Recipes" to make your own safe & simple household cleaners!

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