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Mommas, Fill Your Own Buckets!

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

By Maggie Grayson, Health & Wellness Coach

Mommas, fill your own buckets! It’s tough, I get it. We, as mommas, are constantly giving. Giving time, energy, money, affection, love, our last bite of our favorite food, maybe our favorite shirt to our daughter, or our last moment of awake time to our hubbies. It’s easy to see how we completely empty our energy buckets! For years I would wait and wait and wait to have my bucket filled. It could be a smile from one of our kiddos, a handwritten note, the opportunity for a girls’ night out, sleeping in, or an extra long hug from my hubby. But here’s the problem with all those things…they involve someone else. They require someone else to pour into us. The hard truth is that WE need to pour into ourselves first. We need to fill our own buckets FIRST. Yes, before you can love on your children, husband, work effectively, support your friends…you need to put you first every day! Stay with me, I know this sounds like an INSANE idea, but let me show you WHY and HOW. Why? You cannot pour from an empty bucket. You cannot expect anyone else to take care of you and make you a priority if YOU aren’t making YOU a priority FIRST. Sound harsh? Maybe, but you decide how others treat you…so show them! How? It doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or inconvenient! It will become your most treasured time of your day, week, month, I promise! When you fully and completely love, respect, and pour into you, you’ll be able to magically watch as your relationships transform…most importantly your relationship with yourself! Schedule it! Really! Put it in your paper and digital calendar. Ideas: 1. Prayer/meditation time each and every morning! Can be 5 minutes or 1 hour depending on what you can commit to. Make it part of your routine, make it a habit, you come first! Setting your alarm just a few minutes earlier each morning will pay itself back in multiples! (Want more information on setting the tone for your day? Read “The Miracle Morning”.) 2. Read for enjoyment 10-15 minutes a day. Leave your book out where you can see it or turn on your Audible app whenever you’re in the car by yourself.

3. My favorite weekly activity for me is my adrenal support special! I apply Young Living Essential oils over my adrenals and use a warm compress to enhance their effects. Try 7 drops of Rosemary, 3 drops of Clove, and 3 drops of Nutmeg neat (without a carrier oil) over your adrenals, then cover with a bath towel, a hot/wet hand towel, and then wrap the rest of the bath towel around it to lock in the heat. Relax for 20 minutes and nurture your body! 4. Schedule a monthly manicure/pedicure. BONUS: Find a place that uses toxin free products or bring your own! I bring my own soak, scrub, and lotion all enhanced with essential oils. :) 5. Unplug daily from your phone and social media by 8pm. You’ll be amazed at how much energy you’re able to conserve when not being drawn into energy draining drama, news, and conflict.

It’s simple, not easy! You are worth pouring into you. You are worth time. You are worth energy. You are worth every bit of it!

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