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Planet Love

July 31, 2022

The extreme heat of this Texas summer has kept us from being able to spend much time outdoors, and I am feeling deprived. My mind, body, and soul need nature. As the harsh reality of climate change takes hold of our planet, I’ve been experiencing low-level anxiety. I decided to share some ideas for how we can show more LOVE to our Mother Earth and become better stewards! The situation seems overwhelming and hopeless at times, but I think it helps to focus on good news stories, solutions, and steps we can take. I’ve chosen 5 ideas to share:

1. Find and follow an environmental organization that is making a difference. Commit to learning more about climate change, clean energy, and wildlife conservation – and why it all matters.

For me, it’s the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). I’ve been reading their quarterly Solutions newsletter and learning about climate research, action, and technologies that are making a positive impact. It is uplifting and exciting! We don’t hear enough of these stories, so we need to seek them out by connecting to groups and organizations that are engaged in climate action. There are many good ones; I happen to be most familiar with EDF and support them with a small monthly donation. They work in the areas of science, climate, energy, ecosystems, oceans, and health. You can check them out here: By following an environmental organization, you will also learn about legislation that is being considered and crafted, so you can take step 2:

2. Support climate and clean energy legislation by signing petitions and writing or calling your representatives in Congress. Vote for people and projects that will move us toward a sustainable future.

We all need to take a stand for clean air and water, healthy communities, protected lands, and sustainable farming, to name a few. These are things that affect our quality of life every day!

3. Move way from plastics, especially single use. Much of it does not get recycled and ends up in the oceans. We need to stop buying it in the first place. More and more alternatives are being produced and marketed, such as silicone storage bags, stainless steel water bottles, and reusable shopping bags.

4. Spend time in nature and savor it. Visit local and national parks. Feel your connection to the earth and its treasures to increase your love and appreciation. Honor creation with attention and curiosity. Watch nature programs on TV to learn more about the natural world and the effects of climate change.

5. Use your imagination and intention to help restore balance in your life and the world around you. Use your thoughts, words, and actions to contribute to hope and healing. Hold the planet in your prayers and consciously send out love and light. Ask for wisdom, guidance, and grace.

We have the capacity to bring more love, innovation, and wholeness to our communities and our world. We need to focus on solutions and do what we can. These are some things I am working on; I hope you will join me in becoming a more conscious and caring steward of this precious planet.

Grace & Good Vibes,


Elisa J. Juarez

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