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Upgrade YOUR Programming

By Maggie Grayson

We all take the time to update and upgrade the programming for our computers and smart phones, but when was the last time you upgraded your programming? It’s simple to keep doing things the way we have always done them. It’s easy to stay unaware of how your programming affects your daily life. It’s common to go throughout your entire life with the same programming. It is 100% worth the effort and possible discomfort to become aware of your current programming, and upgrade it! So, what am I talking about when I speak of programming? It’s basically your reaction to everyday occurrences. How do you FEEL when things don’t go as planned? Or you have hiccups in your day? Or major life shifts? Your reaction to all of these things are already programmed within you, good or bad. Where does this programming come from? Most likely when you were a child you learned specific programming from your parents, siblings, and school teachers, etc. EEEEEKKK!!! You probably absorbed the not-so-great programming of a lot of influential people growing up. The great news is that you can actively change them! Let’s give it a try together shall we? How do you feel when you spend money? Groceries or fancy shoes, doesn’t matter, how do you feel? In the past I have felt guilt, shame, anxiety (even if there’s enough money in our account). Here are your new action steps to upgrade your programming: 1. Acknowledge the emotion you are feeling and where you are feeling it, if you can. Shame, guilt, anger, fear....maybe in your stomach, throat, chest, or head. 2. Thank it for showing itself and let your brain know that it’s time to upgrade! “Thank you SHAME for showing yourself to me. You are programming, you are NOT me!” That emotion is an emotion, it is not part of you. 3. Reprogram that fear-based emotion with LOVE by saying “I love you, I love you, I love you!” Fear and love cannot exist at the same time, so it is time to UPGRADE to LOVE! These upgrades don’t always happen immediately, usually we need to practice the upgrade multiple times for it to take (think about all the new releases that are needed when you upgrade your phone). Let’s think about all the different ways you can upgrade your programming. *the way you think about money (how you spend and also how you allow abundance into your life) *the way you think about food (food is not inherently good or bad, it is about your perspective and how you honor your body) *the way you react to hiccups in your life...(for example, you stub your toe; does your day spiral out of control and you get toothpaste on your shirt, overdraw your account, yell at your spouse, get in a fender bender...) Those days have happened to all of us, but you no longer have to allow that to be your experience; just upgrade your programming. When the first hiccup happens, (i.e., you stub your toe) use the action steps above to get yourself back on track. I’d love to know what YOU are reprogramming in your life! What do you want to upgrade?

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